Our goal at Ohio Sports Chiropractic and Rehab is to provide the highest quality assessment and treatment for each and every patient. We aim to deliver the most progressive and up to date treatments for all of our patients. Whether you are a high-end athlete, recreational athlete, or live an active lifestyle you will receive treatments that are identical to the Olympic Training Center and many professional sport athletic training rooms. Our clinicians strive to keep current with the most evidence based practices and receive their training from some of the most respected manual therapists and clinicians in the world

Correcting the Root Cause

The goal of every assessment is to identify and locate not only the primary source of pain but also the dysfunction that caused the source of pain. Identifying the root cause of your pain allows our treatments and exercises to get you back in the gym, back to running, or back on the field quicker. Our thorough examinations include a functional movement assessment, an orthopedic assessment, and soft tissue assessment.

Individualized Treatment

Each patient and injury is unique, requiring distinct treatment and corrective exercises. Some patients may need chiropractic adjustments while others may need soft tissue manipulation (Active Release Technique), instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (Graston), cupping, and/or dry needling. Almost all patients require a combination of joint manipulation, soft tissue therapy, and rehabilitative exercises. It is this combination of treatments and exercises that our patients achieve faster, more effective and longer lasting results than traditional therapy.