Lower back pain can strike suddenly or build in intensity over time. If you are struggling with discomfort in this area of your body, finding treatment is necessary to obtain relief. An appointment at Ohio Sports Chiropractic in Northfield with our chiropractors may help. Here is some information about lower back pain to read over so you understand why it happens, how to relieve it, and what our chiropractors can do to alleviate symptoms.


Why Back Pain Happens

Back pain is often experienced after moving the body inappropriately or as a result of another injury. If you attempted to lift something heavy and used your back instead of your legs to bear the brunt of the weight, you may be dealing with back pain. If you had a car accident or a slip and fall, your back may be affected. Using poor sitting and standing ergonomics in the workplace can also lead to back discomfort.

What to Do When You Experience Back Pain

If you feel lower back pain in your body, it is important to move with purpose and better posture to avoid re-irritating the injury. Rest and temperature therapy used at home are greatly beneficial to back pain recovery. Icing an affected area immediately after an injury, followed by heat, does wonders to reduce the amount of pain that injury causes. Many who struggle with chronic back pain find warm temperatures to be soothing. A warm bath or shower can do wonders for pain. Stretches may bring relief to the area as well. However, it is important to stop if you experience added pain.

How Our Chiropractor Will Treat Your Ailment

If your back pain does not subside with time, making an appointment with our chiropractors may be helpful. Our Doctor will assess your problem by having you perform simple tasks to check your range of motion. They will then use a combination of soft tissue manipulation and exercises to combat the pain and tightness, an adjustment may be preformed if they believe it is necessary. Adjustments can yield immediate results as it reduces the stress placed upon joints around your spinal column. You may be requested to come to our office for subsequent sessions to alleviate pain and discomfort in its entirety. Our chiropractors and rehab specialists will also make recommendations regarding lifestyle alterations you can try to reduce discomfort while you are at home, home exercises to alleviate pain, and movement modifications to avoid re-injury. Temperature therapy and massage may also be used to provide you with relief.

Contact Ohio Sports Chiropractic in Northfield to make an appointment with our chiropractors if you are currently experiencing lower back pain. Give us a call at (330) 908-0203 for more information about the many chiropractic services we provide.