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As a Physical Therapist Assistant, it is easy to be categorized at a clinic as just another aide, or exercise specialist. While I still see myself as having an advanced knowledge base in exercise physiology, I am also a very versatile piece of our outpatient clinic. As a PTA and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, my abilities span further than just the gym and exercise handouts. Having a degree and licensure as a Physical Therapist Assistant I am able to perform all manual therapies, implement appropriate exercises, and choose the best method of treatment within the plan of care.

A typical treatment here at OSCR with a PTA is going to be very similar to that of the PT. We like to keep all of our treatment sessions very similar in the fact that you won’t be getting different quality of care, or having different responses to our therapies. However being very similar to the head therapists treatment, there are a few things a PTA cannot do with a patient. An initial evaluation, discharge, and certain manual techniques are specifically designated to the Physical Therapist.

Here at our clinic I begin my treatment session the same as the other clinicians, with an extensive hands on experience. My manual therapy session includes treatments such as Graston, Fascial Abrasion Technique, cupping, different joint mobilizations and Mulligan techniques. I also incorporate Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization techniques into my session where we can go over very extensive and precise ways to move the body more biomechanically correct; and re-learn the appropriate movement patterns to fit our daily activities. After manual therapy is complete, I then move on to the gym where we go over specific exercises to suit your current complaints. This is where my background comes in stronger than your typical PTA experience in any other clinic.

My background is in the implementation of very specific therapeutic exercises to aid in daily lifestyle and/or sport. I have competed in NPC bodybuilding and am certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer. Where a typical PTA may only give a patient a handout or pre set protocol, I am able to design and prescribe personalized exercise programs to suit your needs and meet your goals with quicker and better results.

I also provide a personalized bridge program following completion of therapy at our clinic to help transition to getting back in the gym. Typically patients return to their normal workout routines after therapy, commonly to re injure themselves. With my assistance, I can provide my services at your local gym and create a program to get you back into your normal lifting schedule and/or in your sport. I strive to get my patients back to their normal lifestyles, whether it be competitive sports, or just being able to accomplish daily tasks at home.

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