What to expect during your first visit:

Plan on arriving 15 minutes early to make sure we have the correct insurance information for you, to sign consent forms, and ask any questions before your appointment begins.

Wear (or bring along to change in to at the clinic) comfortable, athletic clothing. Making sure that the area of pain or discomfort can be accessed; normally wearing shorts and/or a tank top is perfect.

You will spend around 30 minutes or so with one of our Chiropractors prior to heading out to the Exercise Physiologists for rehab/take home exercises and any further passive treatments the doctor might want you to utilize. Plan on your first appointment being an hour to an hour and thirty minutes in length, following appointments will be shorter due to the Doctor knowing your personal injury history.

Feel free to give us a call at (330) 908-0203 with any specific questions you may have or contact us here.