Tips to Alleviate Aches and Pain While Traveling

The joys of traveling can, in addition, be the woes of traveling. We know whether you are flying or driving that sitting for a long time in one position can cause distress to the body, causing the aches and pains we often encounter while traveling. Here at Ohio Sports Chiropractic and Rehab, our mission is to create wellness to prevent further pain from happening. Therefore, on your next travel trip, investigate these tips.


  • Adjust your seat- Move, slide, and confirm your seat to adjust to you comfortably.
  • Car exercises- Sounds strange, but try doing some neck stretches, shoulder rolls to prevent your muscles from tightening up. You can even do them while driving.
  • Pit Stop- Pullover and take time to make a pit stop. Get out of the car to fully stretch, walk. Gets the blood flowing again.


  • Adjust the seat- While it may be more difficult to do on a plane than in a car, try to adjust your seat. Bring along a neck pillow or blanket to place behind your neck and back to help stop the onset of a neck ache or backache.
  • Lightly pack- If you can, pack light. This will put less strain on your body with lighter bags, or less to carry.
  • Avoid added on stress- Abandon the work at home. Try not to do it while you are flying. Gazing at the screen can also cause eyestrain and fatigue.
  • Ask for an aisle seat–The aisle seat adds a little more room to stretch out. It will let you be able to get up and walk around easier too.
  • Get up and stretch- Overall just get up whenever possible to move around.

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Follow these guidelines, and thanks to your chiropractor in Northfield, the journey will be just as enjoyable as your destination. If persistent back pain keeps bothering you, come see us at Ohio Sports Chiropractic and Rehab. We are equipped with more current chiropractic healing technology, providing you with incredible and effective healing treatments. Call or visit to find out your benefits with us today.

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