What makes our Chiropractors different?

I often hear that question a lot when describing to my friends and family about my career. Most of my friends believe chiropractors adjust or “pop” your back, throw on a few electrical stimulation pads and then send the patient on their way only to return later that week for the same exact treatment. Rinse and repeat for a few months and you might be better. What sets us apart? Why do we call ourselves sports chiropractors?

Several aspects set us apart from other clinics but one in particular sets us above the rest: Our extensive sports medicine backgrounds and training. Did you know certified sports chiropractors have to have several hundred post graduate hours in sports medicine to call themselves sports chiropractors? Did you know there is certification for those that have completed these hours? When looking for a sports chiropractor make sure you search a chiropractor with a CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician) credential. At OSCR, Dr. Kormanik already has his CCSP. Dr. Pisanelli is finishing up his post graduate hours and will take the exam in 2019 and Dr. Burroughs has finished his hours and will be sitting for the exam in 2019.

Not only does our extensive background set us apart from out peers but our progressive treatments and exercises are identical to those performed in the professional sports setting. When explaining to friends and family about our treatment style, I often reference professional athletic training rooms. Personally, I spent 3 years in professional locker rooms as an athletic trainer in baseball and those athletes will receive anything and everything underneath the sports medicine umbrella. Treatments are not biased to one stye or technique. Whatever works best for the athlete will be the treatment of choice. Those professional athletes are receiving the same extensive hands on treatment as our patients in the clinic.

Much like the treatment and rehabilitation style in professional athletic training rooms, the staff at Ohio Sports Chiropractic and Rehab (OSCR) are always on the cutting edge of treatments. Each staff has their own unique background but all have the same goal in mind: Help the patient get out of pain and back to their activity as quickly as possible. Depending on the condition, the treatment may emphasize strengthening and rehab or may require a heavy dose of manual therapy. Whatever is best for the patient will be the treatment of choice.

If you are an avid runner, recreational athlete or someone that wants out of pain you deserve the best treatment. Our doctors have the training and knowledge needed to give you that optimal treatment. Give us a call today so that you can begin your path back to a pain free lifestyle.

–Dr. Kevin D.C., M.S., ATC

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